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Jay Asher is a contemporary American author who writes books in the Young Adult genre. Born on September 30, 1975 in Arcadia, California, Asher graduated from San Luis Obispo High School, went on to study at Cuesta Community College, and eventually transferred to California Polytechnic State University. While in high school, Asher wrote two children’s books for a class called Children’s Literature Appreciation. This experience sparked his passion for writing books for young readers. Years later in university, it was this passion that caused Asher to drop out during his senior year to pursue a serious career in writing.

It took Asher around twelve years to sell his first book. His debut novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, is critically acclaimed and on bookshelves around the globe. The novel is a gripping tale of a young girl and the catalysts that drove her to commit suicide. Asher’s inspiration for the book came from the suicide attempt of a close relative. This young woman was close to t


he age of Hannah Baker, the protagonist of Thirteen Reasons Why, when she made her suicide attempt, and so Asher used her state of mind and thoughts to help him craft the book.

The book’s unique format - someone’s recorded voice leading another person on a journey - was inspired by another one of Asher’s life experiences. He was on an audio tour at a museum, a tour where a disembodied voice led him through the exhibitions, when it occurred to him that this would be a fascinating way to tell a story. The fact that a deceased person is giving the tour or telling the story from beyond the grave further adds to Thirteen Reasons Why’s uniqueness and allure amongst readers.

Thirteen Reasons Why’s focus on the topics of bullying and teen suicide has made it a popular book amongst readers and activists of the suicide prevention movement. When he is not writing, Jay Asher is traveling around the United States speaking at schools and libraries about his books, suicide prevention, and creative writing for young adults.

Besides Thirteen Reasons Why, Asher has written two other young adult books. The second one, titled The Future of Us, was co-authored with Carolyn Mackler and featured another unique use of technology. The third, What Light, is scheduled for release on October 11, 2016.


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