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Another wonderful fantasy tale from an author who continues to surprise me. I have no doubt kids will love this series before the series they already love. A little preachy and a little syrupy at times it doesn't take away from the fact that this story a great adventure and a wonderful addition to the world he has created.
I don't think that there are words to discribe the feelings I had as I read the book. Like all of Colfers works, I was crying at somepoint in the story. not even kidding.
Brystal Evergreen... I can't even. Let's summarize:
Fourteen-year-old Brystal Evergreen has always known she was destined for great things–that is, if she can survive the oppressive Southern Kingdom. Her only escape are books, but since it’s illegal for women to read in her country, she has to find creative ways of acquiring them. Working as a maid at her local library gives her the perfect excuse to be near them and allows her to sneak a f


ew titles home when no one is looking. But one day Brystal uncovers a secret section of the library and finds a book about magic that changes her life forever.

Magic is despised and outlawed throughout the world–Brystal is well aware of the severe consequences the book may bring—but her curiosity gets the best of her. By reading some of the text aloud, strange phenomena begin to occur and Brystal discovers she is capable of magic! And the more she practices it, the harder it becomes to hide.

After being caught and convicted, Brystal is saved by a mysterious woman named Madame Weatherberry. The woman takes Brystal to her Academy of Magic and teaches her to become a fairy. While Brystal studies magic and befriends the other students, Madame Weatherberry is suddenly called away on suspicious matters. When she doesn’t return, Brystal and her friends work together to find and save their instructor. Along the way, the students discover Madame Weatherberry’s true intentions for the academy are not what they seem, and they come face to face with a sinister plot that puts the fate of the world, and the fate of magic itself, in grave danger…
Madame Weathberry is actually the Snow Queen. IF YOU DIDN'T SEE THE SPAMMING of spoiler Alerts, then GET GLASSES. Anyhoo, I love Brystal's energy. She is by far my favorite character of all time. She's compassionate, kind and witty- everything I wsh that I could be.
If you love his previous works, do me a favor and READ THE BOOK!
FYI, Mother Goose is one heck of a kid!

A Tale of Magic...
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Guest a year ago

well the book really turned out good. I really needed something like this to discract me fromthe real life beacuse I happend to break my parents promise that I made and my dad isn't talking to me like he used to i cant go out ,my dad took my phone and this is it soo it was really good to read and discract myself from the real life! If u guys have any suggestions of any bood I should read please tell me it would be really good! bye xoxo

Guest 3 years ago

Love it! I am definitely going to read the next books in the series when it comes out! When I found out that this book was about Brystal, the grandmother of the main characters from Land of Stories, I almost cried. This book, characters, I love them!

Dannica 3 years ago

It was a good book first book to finish here it was a 10/10 and wasn't interested to magic except Harry Potter

Guest 4 years ago

awesome book!!!! if you haven't the sequel land of stories, the you should! I wonder if there is a movie to this....

Guest 4 years ago

Pretty good book 10/10 for me and in my opinion I thought it was a little hard to follow but once you do you will love the plot

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