Cut And Run

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Another winner by Burton!

A teenage girl who is pregnant goes missing near Austin and a local salvage yard owner is tortured and killed on his front porch. Ranger Hayden and the medical examiner, Faith McIntyre get involved in the mystery (and in each other's pants) and try to find the missing girl before it's too late. A little bit of romance, but it's not too much to turn you off if you're not into that sorta thing.
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This novel had great pacing and kept me wondering how everything tied together. I enjoyed how Burton provided some answers while still keeping other questions unaddressed - it definitely made me want to keep reading. My only complaint is that I didn't quite connect with Faith. I thought Kat seemed like the most "real" character. Faith and Hayden seemed like a convenient plot point - I wasn't really feeling it between them. But overall, I enjoyed this read.
Really good narration, especially the “male” voice. Kept


me enthralled to the end. My complaint is the romance part of the book. It had a couple in it, but without any romance. They are already friends with benefits. It eventually leads to them being a couple. No dates or long talks, just melded into a relationship out of happenstance. Wish we could’ve had them meet for the first time and then get together. The sex scenes were pretty sexy, but also awkward because we had no background with them. Almost voyeuristic.

Cut And Run
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Guest 4 years ago

I didn't read it yet but I was in when as soon as I read they were in each others pants.

Guest 5 years ago

Umm yes, I love this it is a real page turner I lve this book are there any little boys reading this?

Guest 5 years ago

Like this book very much - keeps your attention and you wonder what will happen next. I love mysteries and this one is a real mystery. I am not to the end of it yet but I am anxious to find out what will happen. It is a real page turner

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