Dragonfly in Amber

Cover Dragonfly in Amber
Series: Outlander (#2)
That was I might say enjoyable which I surely did not expect. Even the almost 900 pages were not that big of a deal! What made it best for me was the style of Gabaldon which surely took me in those long ago passed times and made me feel like a part of them. The characters were not really well created like depth, but she is trying and that's good. I like that she shows their different sides and tries to create believable relationships- with all their ups and downs. The plot is good and the plot twists too even though sometimes they tended to be little annoying. That,because I really felt like Gabaldon tried really,really hard to create all sorts of problems for her characters so there to be 900 pages. Frankly, that was my only problem plus if you put all the bad things that can happen to somebody in one book there will be none left to put in your other 7,you know. Overall- not a bad book.
Dragonfly in Amber
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