Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry

Cover Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry
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In this charming collection that first was published in 1892, William Butler Yeats has collected all kinds of Irish folklore works taken from various sources. He divided the works into such categories: the ‘Trooping Fairies’ (fairies, changelings, and mermaids); the ‘Solitary Fairies’ (the lepracaun, the pooka - an animal spirit, and the banshee); ‘Ghosts’; ‘Witches & Fairy Doctors’; ‘T'yeer-na-n-Oge’ or ‘Tir-na-n-Og’ (a legendary island said to appear and disappear); ‘Saints & Priests’; ‘The Devil’; ‘Giants’; and ‘Kings / Queens / Princesses / Earls / Robbers’. The book contains many footnotes giving the meanings old Irish words and phrases. "Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry" offers a complete insight into Irish folk culture, and it this journey is breathtaking. Many of the stories are quite dark, as that tends to be the nature of lore from this region, but there are also some lighthearted and cheerful pieces that will be enjoyable to read. Everyone who is interested in I


rish culture and folklore will find this book very delightful and fascinating.

Fairy And Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry
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