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An interesting read that spends a good amount of time delving into her childhood challenges. I think more time could have been spent on her experiences with her acting career and interactions with other actors and producers. I didn't know a lot about her relationship with Bruce so it was newish info for me. I wished she said more about how she arrived at her current relationship with her daughters.
I listened to Demi's own voiced Autobiography. I was interested because I was familiar with Demi and some of her films but was curious about her life.
My summary, after reading her book was that she had a tough childhood, a marriage that became a marriage too quickly, that should have just been a dating relationship, some poor choices in life, driven by the need to please and be needed. Overall it was very interesting. She seems to have gone through some therapy , due to the language she uses to describe her past and how she feels about it and where she is going.

Altogether, an int


eresting and informative read. I wish her the best.
“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t worry, is it okay that I’m here?”

I was so intrigued to read this memoir, because I almost knew nothing about her. Growing up, I just got to know her as “the wife of Bruce Willis” and I heard about her nude pregnant magazine cover. But besides that, I never really watched her movies, I had no idea about her life.
Some things in this book, are about people (with their full names) that I don’t think is ok for her to share. This book got its publicity from being “revealing”, maybe even scandalous. I think some parts were unnecessary, it would have been enough calling someone “an acquaintance” or “a friend” instead of their real names. But, oh well, I still really liked this memoir. It was a joy to read. I like how well she structured her story; she really takes you on the journey of her life. She also shares a lot about the “behind the scenes” stuff from her movies, so maybe I will try a movie of hers. All in all I can recommend this for readers, that like memoirs. Just be aware, that there are also topics like rape, drug abuse and suicide.

Inside Out
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Guest 4 years ago

I have never read anyone's memoir that is so brutally honest. I hope Demi goes on with more self esteem and more realiaztion that her childhood is in the past and the future is what she makes it to be.

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