Predator's Gold

Cover Predator's Gold
Series: Mortal Engines Quartet (#2)

This is the second book in the Hungry Ciy Chronicles, the first being "Mortal Engines". It was a very good sequel to book number 1 which I enjoyed just a bit more, but this was also very good. If you enjoy science ficiton, definitely pick this up. This is a middle-grade book, however. I would put it in the same writing style category as the Percy Jackson books, but with a British tone. Highly enjoyable.
Sequels are never better than the originals, except this book. And The Empire Strikes Back.

This book is so jam-packed with goodness it's almost an embarrassment of riches. Anchorage rolls off the page in vivid dilapidation, each character drawn with such detail you almost forget there are so few of them. The Hester-Tom-Freya triangle plays marvelously. Politics and war rage, giving the reader plenty to compare them to in the real work. Good intentions gone diabolically wrong turn Anna Fang from hero into horror. But the very, very best part are the Lost Boys.

The events of


Predator's Gold seem impossibly grand and exciting to fit in such a slim volume. That's testament to Reeve's writing - simple but stylish, not a word wasted yet it feels like a great storytelling weaving a perfect yarn. Our favorite characters carry on, new favorites are introduced, old favorites change, surprise, and even die. An excellent steampunk sci-fi story, told with equal skill.

Predator's Gold
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Guest 5 years ago

well written humor drama action and morality one of the best books ive read in the last couple years

Guest 5 years ago

I think that this book is interesting because it is great. I like the character Jim who is cool. Ok, so I also like what you did with the characters and how they are interesting.

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