The Resurrectionist: the Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black

Cover The Resurrectionist: the Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black
Genres: Fiction » Horror
Sitthin58 says:
While it was an interesting read, I am a bit disappointing that the first half of the book was more Frankenstein rather than something like Journey to the Center of the Earth or something a bit more fantastical than what it turned out to be. Especially that ending. The latter half of the book is nice, could've made the entire book just that, but I'm not complaining. Interested in looking forward to where the author goes from here.
chocoholic says:
2.5/3 starsThe best part of this book is the illustrations. If I were rating those alone, it would be 5 stars. They are beautiful and detailed, and perfect for this book. The first half is a fictional biography of Dr. Spencer Black and the second half is the illustrations, meant to be from Black's own published book. I think this set up doesn't do it any favors. The first half definitely reads like a biography. It's incredibly boring at times. This should be a one-sitting book but I had to stop multiple times because I'd lose all
... interest. I do commend the author though for being able to simulate the language and writing style of the Victorian era convincingly. There are also certain lines and passages that so eloquent and disturbing that they made me pause. But the story doesn't really get an ending. It just sort of stops. I understand this is supposed to be mysterious and there isn't supposed to be much known about Black, but it just leaves you with the feeling it's incomplete. It reads very much like a companion book (e.g., Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them)-- not complete novel, but meant to give interesting facts or history behind a full novel . If I had read a full length novel set around this story before this, I probably would have found it a lot more interesting. I actually wouldn't be surprised if a novel was announced (perhaps about The Sleepless Man? I'd read that.)Overall, I think it was an interesting interesting concept that was eloquently written, though often boring, and beautifully illustrated. I recommend it for the illustrations alone.MoreLess
The Resurrectionist: the Lost Work of Dr. Spencer Black
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Guest a year ago

It seemed nice to read and look at. Even the plot had a nice smooth way of going. The is what drew me in the most so it is good to see it is related to the book.

SkullCrush3r876 5 years ago

Why would you even say that did you know that little ass kids are on this website so can you not say that again plz

jj4555 6 years ago

I started reading the book it was good at first, but the tone , plot , and the story itself was getting really doll and boring further in the book. After reading the book the first i really didn't think much of it , other than being somewhat okay , boring , and bull. So i read it again because i thought i really miss some thing or didn't really understand something important. BUT I WAS REALLY WRONG!!!!!

jj4555 6 years ago

The book was very plane and boring, their not really enough excitement or anything that will keep the readers into the book. The book was nice from the start, then stay like that throughout the books.

Guest 7 years ago

this sucked like my mum when she did my dad

Guest 6 years ago


Guest 6 years ago

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