The Tale of the Body Thief

Cover The Tale of the Body Thief
Series: The Vampire Chronicles (#4)
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Vampire

After so long in a state of banishment, Lestat has gotten to be troubled with his part, grieving his vampire self - it damages and torments him inside, yet still eats at him notwithstanding when he murders, he assaults the barbarous, underhanded and odious sorts of men and ladies who stalk the night. He is inclined to sustaining on the individuals who don't should be murdered so he can live, and it is this reason he becomes melancholy and discouraged with himself.
Some piece of the purpose behind his low self regard is fatigue and the certainty he has no companions to talk about, just David Talbot, the head for the Talamasca request of psychic analysts who he has become enamored with. Lestat had requested that David go along with him as a kindred vampire, yet he denied Lestat's offer of the Dark Gift. Generally as with Armand's beau not permitting him to give him the Dark Gift at in the first place, Lestat has the same issue with David regardless of the fact that he has guaranteed to


go through forever with him.
The purpose of this novel is to demonstrate that Lestat can't acknowledge his vampire nature and his explanation behind executing. It is the slaughtering innocents' part that gives him the best misery as he considers it to be superfluous despite the fact that to drink blood from one such individual is unadulterated ecstacy for a vampire. Dissimilar to the past books in the Vampire Chronicles, this one highlights exactly how powerless Lestat can be, and how silly he is on consenting to swap his vampire body with that of a mortal.
For the reader it will be fascinating to see the move for Lestat from vampire to human, and how terrible he feels later when his vampire companions reject him in the public arena for what he has done. This specific story gets the reader more profound into how Lestat feels and what he needs from his life regardless of the fact that he settle on certain inept choices with it. It gets the pace from the past novel and makes a pleasantly composed thriller that admirers of Anne Rice will without a doubt appreciation.

The Tale of the Body Thief
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