Wedding Night

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karre says:
This was a typical Sophie Kinsella book in that it was wildly unbelievable yet still entertaining. If you are looking for an easy, frivolous read and you can suspend disbelief and just go where the story takes you, you might enjoy this. It is told from 2 sister's alternating points of view, and I found myself definitely liking one storyline better than the other, but I was okay with how it all wraps up in the end. If you've read anything else by Kinsella, it definitely follows her usual style and guessing what happens next is easy to do, but I still enjoyed it and laughed a time or two.
minuchawla says:
I finished this book long back and I must say that this is the most lacklustre and dull book of Sophie Kinsella, that I have ever read. I was very much disappointed by the impulsiveness of characters. Just because Lottie's boyfriend fails to propose on the decided day, she goes off and marries some other person!!! Who does that! As far as I know, normal people do not rush into
...marriage like this. This book has made a joke of compassionate and healthy relationship. I feel so sorry for Lottie's boyfriend who eventually proposes...and is ready to live forever with possibly DUMBEST girl alive in this world!I enjoyed reading Sophie Kinsella's other books but was highly disappointed by this one!MoreLess
Wedding Night
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This is awesome

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Really enjoyed this book, was absolutely hilarious!

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this book was awesome

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