What to See in England

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This book is intended to put in the smallest possible space the means bywhich one may reach the chief places of interest in England and Wales.It will possibly make many holidays, week-ends, or isolated days moreenjoyable by placing a defined objective before the rambler. Placeswithin an hour or two of London are in the front of the book, so that asone turns over the pages one is taken further and further afield. Thebrief summary of the interests of each place, and the manyillustrations, may help to memorise the impressions obtained.The first edition of a book of this nature must of necessity beincomplete, and the author is prepared to hear of long lists of placeswhich should have been included, and also to hear criticisms on hischoice of those appearing. It is to some extent natural that specialfamiliarity with certain places and certain writers or heroes of thepast may distort one's vision, and perhaps induce a choice of subjectswhich may not seem so comprehensive to some individuals


as to others.Future editions will, however, give ample scope for embracing all thegood suggestions which may be made.

What to See in England
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