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The Horror genre has a lot of common with Mystery. But if the Mystery is just telling about some unexplainable and mysterious things, the main mission of Horror is to scare up to the death! Horror books are full of the stories about ghosts, spirits, monsters, supernatural phenomes which can make some very terrible things with people. The plot of the Horror book is mainly not real and fantastic. The authors are not greedy for blood and screams. This genre is not for nervous people. The reader can meet the most terrible and sophisticated ways of murdering in it. Reading Horror makes people believe in impossible, in something which causes the blood to run cold. This genre doesn’t suite for everybody.
This genre is considered to originate from the English`s gothic roman. Such stories often were about a curse that pursues the main heroes or about the disturbed soul of the deceased which was taking revenge on the offenders. In addition, the Horror genre is divided into few branches such a


s thriller, survival horror, romantic horror and black comedy.
In Horror genre, the description of otherworldly and spooky is dominating. The classic representative of nowadays Horror is Stephen King. The famous authors also are Ira Levin, Robert McCammon, William Blatti, Ann Riсe, Clive Barker etc.

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