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Poetry is the form of literature which is considered to be a higher art. Poetry is a special language of versification and people who had mastered it are called poets. There are many kinds of poems: sonnet (a short rhyming poem with 14 lines), epic (poem about a legendary hero or historical event), free verse (it has no accurate rhyming, syllable count, and line formation), pastoral (classical and idealized poem), elegy (express a wide variety of emotions), limerick (a short, humorous story)... Poetry always has a certain structure. There are five main sizes of poems: Iambic pentameter, trochee, dactyl, amphibrachic and anapest. Poetic language is consistently enriched with emotions and feelings of lyric hero. Poetic texts can be laid on music. In ancient Athens, there were schools of versification. That is an interesting fact that such schools were opened only for boys. They studied how to write poems and then played public performances using their works. In a society of those times,


the knowledge how to link word after word and give a breath to the art of the beautiful speech was very prestigious. Usually an attentive reader can find a huge philosophic context in poetry. There are some specific features of this genre in different countries. For example, a hokku is a Japanese verse of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Poetry varies from the other genres due to its gorgeous form and intonation.

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