Why don't many kids today want to read books? We used to read. Let's be frank. We don't know if we would have spent as much time with books if we had as much entertainment as our children did as children. For any child, a computer game is definitely more interesting than a book. And it's quicker to watch a movie than to read the original. So what to do? How to get your child to read at 7, 8, 9 years? There are ways to instill a love of reading books. There are many of them, so it's a real task.


Example of parents

If there are few books in the house, and parents spend all their evenings at the TV or the computer, it will be quite difficult to get the child to read books. It's different when kids see mom and dad reading, discussing what they've read.

Reading is not an obligation, but a pleasure.

Never scold your child if he refuses to read. You want to get him interested and accustomed to reading, not to turn him away from it. Do not bargain - now you'll read 10 pages, and then you can play on the computer. With this approach, reading will be perceived as an uninteresting, tedious activity that you have to get rid of as quickly as possible. These are definitely not the best ways to motivate your child to read, and the result is likely to be very different from what you expect.


At the most interesting point...

If your child doesn't like to read, but enjoys listening when you read, then don't refuse, but interrupt at the most interesting place. Mom has a lot to do, and he can finish reading and find out how it all ended. So say, "That's it, I do not have time anymore, if you want - finish reading yourself. In most cases, this is exactly what will happen.


Arrange a quiz.

Agree with other moms (friends, neighbors, classmates), surely you're not the only one who has trouble with reading. Offer the kids this kind of fun - pick one book, give a certain amount of time to read, and then have a quiz (you can combine it with a birthday party, for example). The children answer questions about the work they've read, and the one who does the best job gets a prize. If this kind of entertainment will appeal to children, you can hold quizzes every month.


Choice of books

The book offered to the child should be interesting to him. And for this you need to know his hobbies. Even adults read without pleasure when the theme of the book is not interesting to them. What to say about children! A girl who likes fairy tales about princesses, you should not offer a book about pioneer heroes. A boy interested in dinosaurs, will not be interested in a book about flying into space. The main thing to know what the child is interested and offer something that he certainly will not give up. Especially since the interests of children are changing, the main thing to watch this and respond immediately.


Books for the age

Choose literature by age. How to make a child at 7 years old read classical literature? You can't. No need to spoil the mood or yourself, or the child. If he likes fairy tales, let him read them. Everything will come with time. Our task is to make the child love to read. So let him read whatever he wants. Even if you can't wait to influence his choice - control yourself. Even if it seems like it's time for your child to move on to more serious books - don't interfere. Over time, everything will change.


Family Readings

Get together as a family, choose a work that will definitely interest the child, and read it aloud. Don't make children read aloud if they don't want to. Let them listen and discuss. Family readings will not only help get your child interested in books, but they will also improve the atmosphere in the home and strengthen the bond between children and parents.


Getting an eBook

Gadgets seem to interfere with reading, but all means are good for the goal. If you're worried about getting your 8-year-old to read, try getting an e-book. Unlike a tablet, it won't have ads, games, social media. Nothing will distract from reading. You can take your reader with you when you leave home. Read in transport, in the queue. To use in places where there is no Internet.


Freedom of choice and patience

Let your child choose what he wants to read. If he likes comics - let him read. If he likes encyclopedias, fine. Usually growing up, children begin to read fiction. Some at 15, some at 20. There are critical cases, of course, but it's unlikely that a child who grew up in a normal family, never read at all. The older your children are, the more they depend on the opinions of others. Sometimes the impetus to read is a popular bestseller that everyone is talking about. And a teenager wants to be on-topic. If getting your child to read at age 9 hasn't worked out - it's not a tragedy, just wait.


We've chosen a few ways to help instill a love of books in children. The main thing to remember that everything is very individual. What worked for one child may be useless with another. Do you have your own proven way to get children interested in reading? Do you think you should force your child to read?