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The Action & Adventure genre was formed in the middle of 19th century. It is based on the link between many unexpected and unusual events, which suddenly happen in the main hero`s life. The change of these events should be obligatory, very quick and surprising. The action can occur either in real or fictional worlds in any time and epoch. The genre holds a lot of emotions, feelings and worries. It is impossible to guess the end of the story. The most favorite topic of adventure genre is about traveling. At the beginning of 20th century (the golden age of this genre) became of extremely popular so-called “Robinsonade”. It is one of the adventure kinds of literature. The servicing of one person or the group of people on a desert island is described there. The literature of the Action and Adventure genre is not obligated to give any accurate facts, numbers or data. It mainly entertains the reader. It is never boring. The books of action and adventure genre have a lot of long depictions an


d shape plot. It should move a person who is reading in the action which is depicted. The book of this genre can completely grab the reader`s attention. The supporters of the genre were Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, Jack London, Mark Twain, Sir Walter Scott and Alexandre Dumas.

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