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Historical fiction is the most prevalent among fictional genres. Basically, historical fiction is any story which happened in the past that includes the real characteristics of the period, together with the made-up characters or events.

Genuine historical fiction is oriented on realism in all its plot aspects. The writers of historical fiction must be accurate creating a plausible historical chronotope in which the objects and characters coexist, according to normas of their epoch. Characters should talk through a believable dialogue, traveling on the corresponding vehicles of that era. The authors often choose to research a notable historical personality in these conditions, giving a chance the readers to better realize how this personage would react in their environment. In historical fiction, all collision, plot lines and topics must be historically eventual in the era selected by the author.

Occasionally, historical fiction may be used to make an impact on a contemporary soci


ety and politics. The writers can make a stress on a special historical episode due to its correlation with their own time. Although fictional, historical art books may become the perfect resources of the informative data. With each historical fiction book, the readers find out a bit more facts about the past and widen their perception of history, politics, culture and human wisdom. Historical fiction can be an ambivalent notion: it is frequently meant as a synonym, characterizing a historical novel.

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