The daughter of the forty-second US president, Bill Clinton, and ex-secretary of state, as well as the first female presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, announced that her first book for children appeared in google books and on bookshelves all over the world. The main feature of the book was its feminist character. This work is based on inspiring life stories of 13 great American women who made a huge contribution to the course of US history. 

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Her debut in this literary direction was published on May 30, 2017. The title of the book sounds quite intriguing - "She Persisted". But this work is not the debut in the writing career of Chelsea Victoria Clinton. She was already a special correspondent for NBC News, six years ago, with an annual salary of $ 600,000. Also, Chelsea is a co-owner of the popular resource, Expedia, designed for tourists who are looking for special literature. The book by Chelsea Clinton will tell about the inspiring activity of the famous American women who had to overcome various unfavorable circumstances in the history of America, on which the image of the United States was based.

This work is a kind of message to children all over the country and the world, about perseverance, which is a great power capable of changing the world. Part of the pages of the book is dedicated to the most authoritative African-American, one of the richest dark-skinned representatives of show business with incomes of more than $ 2.5 billion, a public figure and founder of her own television channel, Oprah Winfrey. Another of the heroines of the book is a member of the abolitionist movement and the struggle for social reform, whose face was the first among females on an American $20 banknote.

she-persisted-coverThose who are curious whether Chelsea put her own mother on the list of the "great American women" should read the book, as it is not known how its fate will turn. In fact, this fall, the daughter of former President Clinton was accused of having stolen the ideas for the book.

One, until recently, not a well-known writer named Albany Christopher Janes Kimberly announced his intention to sue a young writer and his publisher for copyright infringement, demanding compensation in the amount of $150,000.            Kimberly planned to release a similar book much earlier, sending his work to the publishing house Penguin Random      House, to a special department that publishes children's literature. But the head of the department, Jennifer Loch,  according to Kimberly, immediately conveyed the idea of the book to Chelsea Clinton, who suddenly published the book.

By the way, Hillary Clinton does not lag behind her daughter and has already written a book of memoirs about her own election campaign and defeat in the US presidential election. Her book «What Happened» was published in September this year.