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Birth Place: Waterloo, Iowa, USA
Birth Name: Betty May Adams

After spending her formative years in Arkansas, Julie (Betty May) moved to California and started out as a part-time secretary. While working, she took acting lessons. Her hard work paid off when she was given her first part, a small role in Paramount's Red Hot and Blue (1949), which she followed up with a series of seven quickie westerns produced by Lippert and starring James Ellison and Russell Hayden. She billed herself under her real name of Betty Adams until she was signed by Universal in 1949; she then became Julia Adams, which was modified to Julie by the early 1950s. Fans of the horror film Creature From the Black Lagoon tend to believe that Julie became a leading lady on the strength of her role in this film as the imperiled--and fetchingly underclad--heroine. In fact, she has been cast in many leading roles in other good films, notably Bend in the River, The Private War of Major Benson, Mississippi Gambler, Brig


ht Victory and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue. Miss Adams feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful co-stars as Jimmy Stewart, Tyrone Power, Arthur Kennedy, Rock Hudson, Charlton Heston, Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Glen Ford, and Van Heflin. If she had to pick a favorite leading man, it would be her co-star in Bend in the River, Jimmy Stewart. She just loved the job playing his wife on his TV show years later. "Going to work with Jimmy Stewart every day," she said, "Was my idea of heaven." She really feels blessed to have been able to work as an actress in such an interesting variety of roles and with such talented people. She has remained familiar to her fans from her numerous guest starring appearances on television.

Julie's husband, Ray Danton
Julie Adams was at one time married to actor/director Ray Danton (see picture at right). Adams and husband Ray Danton worked together a number of times in film and on television. In addition to being in the films The Looters (1955) and Tarawa Beachhead (1958), Adams and Danton guest starred on a January 1972 episode of Rod Serling's Night Gallery entitled The Miracle at Camafeo, and Ray Danton directed his wife in the 1975 horror flick Psychic Killer. Although the couple was married for many years, they divorced in 1981. After her marriage to Ray Danton ended, Julie had a long-term relationship with screenwriter Ronald M. Cohen, who wrote excellent scripts for films like The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, Twilight's Last Gleaming, and the acclaimed telefilm Last Stand at Saber River, starring Tom Selleck. Julie Adams was still in demand throughout the 1980s on television, and in 1987 accepted a recurring role as Eve Simpson, the real estate lady on the CBS-TV series Murder, She Wrote.


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