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St. George Rathborne Prolific American dime novelist and series book author. Likely produced in excess of 330 volumes of fiction in the course of a 60 year career. He had a strong proclivity for and obvious skill in producing outdoor adventure stories, and his best works fall within that category. Born Covington, Kentucky, December 26, 1854 to Gorges Lowther Rathborne and Margaret H. Robertson Rathborne. Graduate of Woodward High School, Cincinnati, Ohio, the oldest public high school in the United States. Married the former Jessie Fremont Conn in 1879, and with her fathered 4 children. Resided in northern New Jersey for most of his adult life. Died Newark, New Jersey, December 16, 1938. Affiliated with various dime novel publishers over the course of four decades, but most strongly associated with Street & Smith, with whom he spent 20 years as author and editor. After 1910, he wrote almost exclusively in the juvenile series book genre. Frequently wrote under pseudonyms, and such works


account for the bulk of his literary output. His pseudonyms are many and poorly documented, and some remain unidentified. He likely utilized at least 30 different pen names in his career as a dime novelist, and more than 20 others during his years of series book writing. Poor documentation of his pseudonyms makes the attribtion of his works occasionally difficult, and the full extent of his published writings may never be known. There are more liberal estimates of his output, and it is possible that he produced as many as 450 novels.[1] St. George Rathborne: Outdoorsman of Many Pseudonyms (Yellowback Library Nos. 248 and 249/February and March 2005)

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