Aimless Love: New And Selected Poems

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what says:
I'm glad all the poems selected from previous collections were placed before the new ones, as I reacquainted myself with old friends before discovering new ones. I love Billy Collins. After I first heard him read at BYU many years ago, and then at NWP in Philadelphia a year later, I always hear his voice as I read. I adds so much. If you have not experienced that, Google one of his readings. Almost (but not quite) literally, he has a poem for everything. He is a real poet-poet.
Carmen says:
Similar to Sailing Alone Around The Room by Billy Collins, Aimless Love is a collection of poems from previous books: Nine Horses, The Trouble With Poetry, Ballistics, and Horoscopes For The Dead. At the end of this collection there are considerably more new poems by the author than in Sailing Alone Around The Room. I was glad to see selections from Nine Horses because I have been unable to find this at my local library. My rating for Aimless love is for Nine Horses and the new poems. Again,
... I recommend that fans of Billy Collins read the collections in their original publication before reading these selected collection of collections. If you have read them all, these could be fun return to some of your favorite poems by Billy Collins.MoreLess
Aimless Love: New And Selected Poems
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i need to read this book "aimless love"

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I want read miss brown is upside down

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