Along the Rio Grande

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III. El Paso Loves the Militaryâ??Refugees From Sonora. Men in number sufficiently great to wipe out the entire Mexican army, should the gentlemen decide to advance on this city in a body, are stationed at or near El Paso. In July there were more than 28,000 soldiers from the States of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Michigan, with enough more expected to raise the number to 50,000. In no matter what direction one travels from the city, whether it is to Camps Pershing, Stewart, Cotton and Fort Bliss or along the border, their yellow khaki tents are bunched in all parts of the landscape. El Paso rejoices, for a soldier's moneyâ??when he has itâ??is noted for its inability to stay in his pocket. The town for many years has been prosperous, but it has now reached the ultra-wealthy stage.


It is catching the shekels as they fall. There is every evidence that it will be many months before the troops are recalled, since the chances for any conflict with Mexico seem extremely remote, though the danger constantly threatens. The only thing that up to the time I visited there in July had thrown a hint of shadow into the situation was the fact that many of the militia had run out of funds. El Paso is a city of extremely high pricesâ??one that would make New York blush for its amateurishness. Many of the State militia had not yet received their pay. The First Pennsylvania Brigade, for instance,did not draw any recompense until July 19, which was for the latter part of June only. However, in spite of this, El Paso is doing very well and a large number of the visitors in town are those who have heard of the good news and have come to take advantage of their opportunities. Camps C.otton, Pershing and Fort Bliss are situated near the lines which run into town. The cars...

Along the Rio Grande
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