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This was a cute book that bases the story on George Washington being the first crowned King rather than the first President of the U.S. It's set in present day where Beatrice is the heir to the throne and is supposed to become the first Queen rather than having the Crown go to the first male-born. I loved this idea and can't wait for the next book in the series!
The concept is very fun. Post revolutionary war George Washington accepts the crown to be the King of America. I wish it had more references to America with a monarchy, but at its core it’s a chic lit novel. Nothing wrong with that by any means. Did seem unrealistic that these characters in love and trying to make serious life changing decisions based on love are 17 and 18 year olds I think Princess Beatrice is early 20s at most. It’s an easy read. Will read the sequel when it comes out.
Katherine McGee gave us what we all deserve. Why obsess over British monarchy when we can envision a world of Am


erican monarchy? This book is peppered with ideas of how America would be different- such as a Duke or Sioux and Iroquois and has one sentence about how the world is also ruled by monarchies. What if Greece, France, Prussia etc we’re also still ruled by monarchies? We don’t examine those social implications because the real focus is the delicious story from four women’s point of view of everyone being in love with the wrong person. There is one bit that’s contrived - that king has an older sister named Margaret who lived a commoner pilot but marries a Hollywood Hottie. Everything else is brilliantly told and fun to read even if it’s predictable. It’s exactly the book you want to race through and thank goodness the sequel is already planned for next fall.

American Royals
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