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I had not heard about this book until I went to the movies a few weeks ago and saw the trailer for the upcoming film. As the mother of two adolescent sons, the subject matter interested me and so I decided to read the book. It is heartbreaking to read about this father's story. Like any parent, he never thought that his beautiful, talented, intelligent child would turn to drugs and become an addict, but he did and I think it is an important message for any parent. That is not to say that reading this book will prevent a loved one from using and becoming addicted, but it does make you aware. It is not an easy book to read. There is so much raw emotion and despair, but in the end, there is also so much love and ultimately, hope.
It is a really really emotional book. To get the feeling on how a father or parents, in general, feel when their children are going through addiction. I would recommend it to everybody because even though you don´t think you have to handle someone with addic


tion its really helpful just because it talks about the relationship between a son and his parents.
An extraordinary tale of a father's love as he grapples with the loss of his son to addiction. So much of this book stayed with me long after I turned the last page: the complication of dealing with the whole rehab industry and it's varying levels of effectiveness and availability; the science behind why meth addiction vs opioid/etc is a more destructive addiction; and the shifting of positions as knowledge is accumulatedd that is necessary for resilience and survival.

Beautiful Boy
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Guest 5 years ago

Amazing book. Made me think of my younger brother and the path I'm afraid he's on. Made me cry at times, but laugh as well. Overall a good read, although a bit wordy. Also after reading the book and researching, it made me happy to hear that Nic is doing well and has even helped co-write 13 Reasons Why.

Guest 5 years ago

I found it hard to put this book down as I always wanted to know what was happening to Nic, but I also found some of the long details about what David's research had shown a bit too much.
when I had finished I searched for an update on the family.

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