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kamattian says:
Another good solid entry in the Scott Horvath series. The author continues a bad habit of giving us "info dumps" too often, where he pauses for a page or two and goes into a new character's background. This is sorely in the "show, don't tell" category. I know why he does this. It gives us a faster investment in a character and keeps the overall book length shorter. But it is also lazy and breaks tempo badly. My opinion? Edit those sections ruthlessly to be briefer, while not cutting them out completely.There is another writing habit Mr. Thor has that bugs me. he has a tendency to jump between heads in an almost omniscient viewpoint way. It is not awful only because he does this sparingly, when trying to show another person's internal reaction to something or someone in the scene. But that doesn't make it right. I chalk this one up to weak editing (or strong writer preference overruling the editor's observations).in some ways the plot does not explore the surveillance iss
...ues as well as it could. It uses the Edward Snowden-esque revelation of total surveillance as a frame for the story but the author does not provide much debate about it. Only odd because it is such a timely hot-button issue.Perhaps of more concern, there is not as much debate about the "black list" concept as I expected. This is also timely, analogous to the contemporary "drone strike" debate, whether it is legal to kill American citizens without enough due process (or else, what is the definition of an enemy combatant).Anyway, I don't want to sound TOO critical because I do enjoy Brad Thor's books. Easy enough reads with enough thrill and satisfaction.Just how old does Scott Horvath have to be before he retires (gracefully) from the field? :)
eliza says:
A book which scared the shit out of me.A book forced me to check my internet usage and privacy.A book which changed my outlook on who can be trusted and who can't be.A very practical and realistic book on the disadvantages of surveillance and its degree of abuse in the hands of the powerful, a book which can be easily cast into movies and should be.Hands down, I'm a Brad Thor fan now, this was my first book and already buying another.Except some very impossible fights which often soars as high as that of unbelievable Jack Reacher, the story is totally believable.
Black List
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Guest 2 months ago

Whoever wrote the description , shouldn't have wrote that in the description at the beginning of the book. Can't decide whether to read it or not now because the description described it so horribly that I wonder how it got a 8.36 score.

Guest a year ago

Great book, couldn't put it down once started. Pace is fast and action plentiful. Technical details are mostly accurate and make the story enjoyable.

Guest 5 years ago

Horrible book. Cartoon characters, stupid violent "heroes", hackneyed plot and boooring. Don't waste your time.

Guest 6 years ago

I want to cancel my subscription. How?

Guest 6 years ago

your reader sucks

Guest 7 years ago

i can't read this to it so bad book it can die

ILoveToRead24/7 7 years ago

Won't load for me

Guest 7 years ago

Yes I like this book so far can't wait to finish it

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