Blood Price

Cover Blood Price
Series: Vicki Nelson (#1)
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Vampire
Watched Blood Ties oh so long ago and was really disappointed when it was cancelled. I saw the whole collection of books at the library while shelving the other day and have been meaning to check them out, so I took Fate's advice. I really like Huff's style. She is a writer with experience. She can paint a picture clearly using only what few words are necessary. A sentence here or there and you will see it in your head, rather than paragraphs or, the gods forbid, PAGES of scenery descriptions. I hate that! It was tough at first to differentiate the face of the actors from the face of the book characters, but I got it pretty good after a while. The ending felt a bit anti-climactic, but maybe that's because I already knew what to expect. I'm impatient to step into the next book, though. I barely remember the show, but I definitely noticed some differences. Also, there is a whole other series of books spinning off from this series, so I can't wait to pick those up as well.
Blood Price
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Guest 5 years ago

Amazing and captivating, can't wait to read the rest of the Vickie or should I say "Victory" series.

Guest 6 years ago

i hate gays so much

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