Blood Promise

Cover Blood Promise
Series: Vampire Academy (#4)

The most recent year of Rose Hathaway's life has been an incomprehensible slough of activity, loaded with peril, obligation, and passionate highs and lows. After the Strigoi assault on St. Vladimir's, on the other hand, Rose's life has been unsalvageably broken – Dimitri, her companion, tutor, and love of her life has been sentenced to a horrifying outcome. He has gotten to be Strigoi.
Rose is grief stricken yet decided, as she and Dimitri have concurred that instead of be sentenced to an unfathomable length of time as the heartless, killing presence of the Strigoi, they would rather be staked and killed – and she plans to give Dimitri's spirit the discharge that he merits. On the spooky message from Mason, a great companion who has been executed by Strigoi, that Dimitri has come back to Siberia, Rose drops out of St. Vladimir's to fulfill her perilous objective. Not just is Rose really alone as she tries to discover Dimitri, however dropping out of school likewise implies that she's


spurned her Guardian preparing, and she's left her closest companion and future charge, Lissa Dragomir, behind – unprotected. While Rose develops nearer and nearer to discovering Dimitri, she utilizes her restricted bond with Lissa to beware of her dearest companion, and finds that things are not going so well back in Montana.
Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series just continues showing signs of improvement with every portion, and Blood Promise is no exemption – this is the best book in the series. Both plotlines – one including Rose in her quest for Dimitri, the other including Lissa's inconveniences back at school – are elegantly composed and the 500 or somewhere in the vicinity pages of this novel fly by, in trademark Richelle Mead style.
The best part about Blood Promise, on the other hand, lies with Ms. Mead's characters, with Rose specifically. The physical separation in the middle of Lissa and Rose is something worth being thankful for here, on the grounds that it compels the two young ladies to develop as people. Furthermore, at long last, there's Dimitri himself.

Blood Promise
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Guest 5 years ago

Jill Mastrano's element is air in Shadow Kiss and in this book it is water. Make your mind up people and stick with it since it confuses me.

Guest 6 years ago

Yes I like this book,I can recacamend vampire diaries.

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