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I absolutely loved the novel Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. This story was very dramatic and the love story was believable but yet still had some fairytale effects to it. This story about a troubled child finally getting his life on track by joining the army and then finally meeting the love of his life. This love attraction quickly grew into something that left Savannah waiting for John to finish his tour of duty. As well as leaving John wanting to settle down with the woman who has captured his heart and left him speechless from her love.
This book was enjoyable and simple to read and understand. Generally, it would suit an audience who need some feel good or easy reading on the daily commute.

This book was written through the perspective of John, a young soldier, over a period of about 5 or 6 years. John falls in love with a young college student named Savannah, through a chance meeting and a number of romantic "dates" over a two week leave of absence in the


army. Savannah helps John to understand his Asperger/ autistic father, and through this, the relationship between father and son improves. The relationship between Savannah and John is detailed through the feelings and letters received by John as he fights wars in Europe and the middle east. The book details the war and goes into as much detail as it needs to, without changing the genre of the story. The romance has a high point where each character is describing the love they have for each other, however eventually the time and distance between the young couple starts to impact and eventually Savannah falls in love with someone else (hence the Dear John letter). The someone else is Savannah's friend that she grew up living next door to, the same person who is present throughout her side of the story (although the reader has to guess her side). John chooses to save this persons (Savannah's husband) life with a large donation to a cancer foundation. The reasons are that he loves Savannah and wants her to be happy. The main question the story answers is "what does true love really mean?". As in the book,"true love really means to care for another persons happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face may be".

I though this book was well written and the story encouraged different emotions in the reader, however I felt the story was a little superficial for the meaning. After all, the two main characters met whilst on summer vacation, spent about two weeks together, swapped stories of woe (a precedent for intimacy to grow) and decided they were in love and wanted to get married. What follows is two or three years of swapping letters and the occasional two weeks together (of which they argued over seemingly immature things) and the eventual splitting when she marries her best friend who is with her throughout her childhood and college years. The ending which was the main point of the story was not really thoroughly scoped out. Although I did like seeing more of Savannah as a human being with flaws, as opposed to a seemingly impossible perfect being.

Additionally throughout the story, I could not help but think the characters were mismatched. She was a college student and basically wanted to save the world and he was an angry soldier who was basically hurting people. It annoyed me that she was written to be a compassionate, caring person, yet she did not have any compassion or even acknowledgment of the fact her boyfriend was causing harm and disruption to the people he fought during his life as a soldier. Although I do understand that they taught each other different ways of seeing the world (although this was a conclusion I made and only acknowledged slightly in the book), their relationship in reality would not have been viable. I liked the meaning of the story and I liked how it came together. However I felt it would have been better if the characters were better developed, so the reader knew who they were and why they fell in love with each other. To me, it felt as if John fell in love as a form of escapism of not being able to deal with his life as a young adult, and the feelings and emotions this stage of life brings (both before and after Savannah) and his job as a soldier

Dear John
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good book. Me Before You is also a really great book.

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WTF IS THIS SHIT xD Jk it's a good book

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Its absolutely so good

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