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Series: Twilight (#3)
Genres: Fiction » Fantasy, Fiction » Fantasy » Vampire

Eclipse is the third novel in Stephenie Meyer's famous Twilight series. You truly need to have read Twilight and New Moon first before reading Eclipse, in light of the fact that the writer doesn't invest an excessive amount of energy clarifying the story-lines of the past books but instead drops the reader straight into the story.
Eclipse carries on not long after New Moon left off. Bella's secondary school graduation is drawing closer and she will soon be leaving Forks everlastingly, apparently to attend a university - however actually she is wanting to go along with her sweetheart in his vampire presence and will in this way be not able to return home, because of being dead and controlled by an appalling blood desire for the initial couple of years. Not that the reader is really taken that far in this story, we endure graduation yet then the risky vampires from Seattle come to Forks and managing them overwhelms whatever remains of the novel.
This is one and only piece of the story


however. Eclipse is essentially a sentimental adventure, so Bella and Edward's relationship is the essential center of the novel.
Bella and Jacob have dependably been companions, at any rate they were - straight up until Jacob turned into a werewolf. At that point the ill will in the middle of vampires and werewolves put a gigantic strain on their fellowship. Other than which, Jacob is infatuated with Bella, who is enamored with Edward so this is going to make things clumsy between them.
For adolescents already snared on the series, Eclipse is another strong portion of Forks goodness. Grown-up readers may be put off by the high school relationship tension in this novel however in the event that you have already appreciated the writer's past offerings I think there is still bounty here to captivate.

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Guest 4 years ago

I hate how Jacob imprints on Bella's baby.

Guest 5 years ago

I recamand this series to all vampire romance love lovers and this is amazing series even though stuck up bitches dont

Guest 5 years ago

I really think that this book is cool and stuff with the werewolves, however, Nothing can compare with BRAKING DAWN even though the vision part sucked

Guest 5 years ago

This book was so amazing and I think that more people should understand this book series. It is a through read and I was jumpy all the way until Braking dawn came out. Make sure you give your review!!! Bella and edward is a perfect lovey couple and I wish I am that lucky one day... You are inspiring Stephanie keep it up girl!!!!

Zivicio 5 years ago

Greatest book ever. Couldn't stop reading. 10/10 .I never thought Harry Potter wouldn't stop being my favorite,but I was wrong.

Guest 5 years ago

i think i like the book better than the movie but i like edward better than jacob !!!!!!!!!!! i think this is my first time reading the book

nicola-trought 5 years ago

yes ,I like the plot of the book. I would recommend books by Kelly armstrong

Guest 5 years ago

I wish that I had Bella's life, and that I could make all the right decisions that she went wrong with!!!!!

Guest 5 years ago


Guest 5 years ago


Guest 5 years ago

I want Edward! Bella is sooooooooo lucky!

Guest 6 years ago

my first book;the best book
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