Cover Educated
Genres: Nonfiction

A really engrossing read. The first book that I've read after a while. I couldn't put it down after I picked it up.

It's amazing to see the circumstances that Tara arose from and just how utterly different her childhood was from what we describe to be a typical upbringing. The author really describes beautifully the mental struggles that she faced growing up in such a conservative environment.
This was such an eye opening, fascinating yet heartbreaking read. Though some of the content made me anxious, I could not put it down.

Tara grew up in Idaho in a very fundamentalist LDS family. The don't believe in public education, doctors, hospitals, modern medicine, etc., etc. They firmly believe in homeopathic remedies and herbalism, home schooling using the scriptures, preparing for the end of days, and women should know their place in the home.

When Tara's older brother decides to go to BYU, he encourages her to do the same thing. Through hard work and lots of studying


, she is accepted to BYU because of her ACT scores. She starts to learn things that was never taught to her growing up. She starts to understand why her father and another older brother were so abusive to her. She learns there is so much out there for her to learn away from her little town in Idaho.

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