Elements of Foreign Exchange

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Franklin Escher (1881-? ) was Special Lecturer on Foreign Exchange at New York University. He was the author of: Elements of Foreign Exchange (1910), Banking Practice and Foreign Exchange (1913), Practical Investing (1916), Foreign Exchange Explained: A Practical Treatment of the Subject for the Banker, the Business Man, and the Student (1917), Modern Foreign Exchange (1932) and Brief History of the United States (1954). "Where can I find a little book from which I can get a clear idea of how foreign exchange works, without going too deeply into it? -that question, put to the author dozens of times and by many different kinds of people, is responsible for the existence of this little work. There are one or two well-written textbooks on foreign exchange, but never yet has the author come across a book which covered this subject in such a way that the man who knew little or nothing about it could pick up the book and within a few hours get a clear idea of how foreign exchange works, -the


causes which bear upon its movement, its influence on the money and security markets, etc. "

Elements of Foreign Exchange
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