Enquire Within Upon Everything

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Genres: Nonfiction

"Whether You Wish to Model a Flower in Wax;to Study the Rules of Etiquette;to Serve a Relish for Breakfast or Supper;to Plan a Dinner for a Large Party or a Small One;to Cure a Headache;to Make a Will;to Get Married;to Bury a Relative;Whatever You May Wish to Do, Make, or to Enjoy,Provided Your Desire has Relation to the Necessities of Domestic Life,I Hope You will not Fail to 'Enquire Within.'"--Editor.Table of Contents: * Companion Works to Enquire Within * By the Same Editor * Editor's Preface * Publisher's Preface * Adulterations of Food, Tests for * Beverages, Preparation of, and Receipts for * Bird-Keeping, Bee-Keeping, and Poultry-Keeping * Carving, Arrangements of the Dinner-Table, etc. * Children, Rearing and Management of * Choice of Food, Marketing, etc. * Confectionery: Cakes, Jellies, Sweetmeats * Commercial and Monetary Hints, Maxims * Correct Speaking, Hints on Writing * Decoration, Painting, Staining, Gilding etc. * Destruction of Vermin, Noxious Animals * Dress, Choice


, Arrangement, and Care of * Dyeing, Scouring, Cleaning, Laundry Operations * Emergencies and Accidents, Drowning, Fire, etc. * Etiquette, Forms and Ceremonies of * Food of Various Kinds, When in Season * Fancy Needlework * Fuel, Lighting, etc., Economy and Management of * Furniture, Selection and Arrangement of * Gardening Operations Throughout the Year * Household Carpentry, Mending, Repairing * Indoor Games and Amusements * Ladies' Employments: Leather-Work, Diaphanie etc. * Legal Information and Advice * Medical and Surgical Advice * Minor Complaints, Cough, Cramp etc. * Miscellaneous Preparations: Ink, Gum, Cement, etc. * Outdoor Sports and Pastimes, Lawn Tennis * Poisoning, Treatment in Cases of * Preparation of Food, Cooking Operations * Preserving and Pickling, Hints on * Modelling, Preparing Botanical Specimens, etc. * Rules of Conduct: Counsels, Hints, Advice * Sanitary Precautions and Regulations * Sauces, Relishes, Zests, How to Prepare * Tables of Percentages, Interest, Marketing, Wages * Toilet Requisites, Receipts for, etc.

Enquire Within Upon Everything
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