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of any old map of the city of Exeter will shew that the original position of this church was almost at the foot of the present Fore Street; a site it occupied when the entrance to the city from the west was over the ancient bridge, and then by a sharp turn, after the West Gate was passed, before the Fore Street and High Street were reached. Here on the city wall, or close against it, the Saxons built their church of All Hallows, Exeterpreserving this old English term in the dedication rather than the newer name of All Saints. After the Commonwealth, the church stood on the wall, roofless, and almost a ruin. The three bells were sold in the 17th century, and the dilapidated building remained a reminder of a mournful past, until 1770, when it was removed at the time of the building the new Exe Bridge, when by an alteration in the streets, the new Bridge Street and Fore Street met and came down in a straight line to the rive...

Exeter Churches
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