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I am not a good flier. I flew to FL for spring break a few months after 9/11, and there were armed guardsman all over our tiny airport. Ever since then, I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach starting the night before we leave that doesn’t abate until after we land. Yes, I know it’s safer than driving. Yes, I know that there is an infinitesimal chance of something going wrong. No, I don’t care. I’m not unhappy in the least that I haven’t been on a plane in over 3 years.

Needless to say, these stories appealed to all my flying insecurities. This is absolutely one of the best anthologies I have read in awhile. I was stoked to see Matheson’s “Nightmare at 20,00 Feet” in the table of contents. I don’t think a book about the horrors of flying would be complete without it. While I don’t recall reading anything by E.C. Tubb before, I thought that “Lucifer!” was a great tale about both time travel and the horror of flying. “Zombies on a Plane” by Bev Vincent is a rather cautionary ta


le about the desperate fight for survival and running away from your problems. And even though “Murder in the Air” was more mystery than horror (although having to solve a mysterious death in the air is a horror in itself), it was quite clever.

Coincidentally, my last flight was to see King in Toronto, so perhaps there is some bias, but I really enjoyed his new one. “The Turbulence Expert” has a truly unique premise – imagine if there was someone on the plane to help keep the flight safe that wasn’t an Air Marshal…

I finally had the opportunity to go to a Joe Hill reading a few months ago, and I had heard an abridged version of “You Are Released.” A terrifying story of what if, made more terrifying because it occurs to the passengers while en route across the country. It definitely did nothing for my flying insecurities!

This is a truly unique collection that touches the many horrors of air travel. A wonderful collection of great authors and remarkable stories.

Flight Or Fright
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Guest 5 years ago

Where is the book? The page is blank............................................. Blah blah 100 char min for comment......

Guest 5 years ago

Just started this book! so far very interesting. Love the way the author introduces the characters! Definitely recommend this book! Good read!

Guest 5 years ago

Fasten your seatbelts for an anthology of turbulent tales curated by Stephen King and Bev Vincent. This exciting new anthology, perfect for airport or airplane reading, includes an original introduction and story notes for each story by Stephen King, along with brand new stories from Stephen King and Joe Hill.

About the Book:
Stephen King hates to fly.

Now he and co-editor Bev Vincent would like to share this fear of flying with you.

Welcome to Flight or Fright, an anthology about all the things that can go horribly wrong when you're suspended six miles in the air, hurtling through space at more than 500 mph and sealed up in a metal tube (like—gulp!—a coffin) with hundreds of strangers. All the ways your trip into the friendly skies can turn into a nightmare, including some we'll bet you've never thought of before... but now you will the next time you walk down the jetway and place your fate in the hands of a total stranger.

Featuring brand new stories by Joe Hill and Stephen King, as well as fourteen classic tales and one poem from the likes of Richard Matheson, Ray Bradbury, Roald Dahl, Dan Simmons, and many others, Flight or Fright is, as King says, "ideal airplane reading, especially on stormy descents... Even if you are safe on the ground, you might want to buckle up nice and tight."

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