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It was through Facebook that I came to know Chetan Bhagat's new novel is in the markets .During these Dushera Holidays we were at our Nani's place in Rohtak. I brought my copy from same books store i purchased my first novel many years ago , the shopkeeper didn't recognize me from the looks of him . Coming back to the book
Bhagat in his Acknowledgement writes "I want to share something with you. With this book i complete ten years as a writer .
Kudos !!
and after ten years of writing he comes with this half cooked "Half Girlfriend".
Uncle handed me the book and i read the synopsis (Not a impressive cover for the first edition)
"Once upon a time , there was a Bihari boy called Madhav .He fell in love with a girl called Riya. Madhav wanted a relationship. Riya didn't .Riya just wanted friendship. Madhav didn't Riya suggested a compromise . She agreed to be his half girlfriend "
i thought to myself " Lai bhai gayi Bhash pani mai" (Buffalo went into the water to splash , and wet ev


erybody) Now try to read it in Bihari accent. Writing should be exceptionally good to make it stick.

A conversation i had with a friend after reading first 70 pages

"Kisi h??" (How is it, in Haryanvi??)

"Average. Same boys falls in love with rice girl (Like all Govinda movies ) But Jury is still out"

"Haha.. As expected..
But still. Worth it.."

"Padhni tho hai he
kisi h ho" (Have to read it, no matter how bad )

"Yo yo..
Nothing can beat five point someone"

"Nothing can . I want bhagat to write more than boy and girl now
Something close to the class of Fine balance by Rohiton Mistry"

"Bhai Bollywood ko dhyan me rkhte hue likhi ja rhi h .." (books has been written by keeping Bollywoodd in mind)

Its sad though"


"Books >>Movies"

"Baki John green h gach.." (John Green Rocks!! )

It was below average and it made me question the writing of Chetan Bhagat. There were times i couldn't believe he actually wrote this book.
My sister finished reading the book this afternoon and she finds it okay
"Really ??"
"Yeah , I mean Chetan has the same level in all his books , May be you have grown and matured as a reader , Brother . His last book 20-20 was even worst then this and don't get me started on One night at call center" (She hates that book) lol
"May be i have grown as a reader from hopeless romantic to the one who actually wants to read something good . Because i remember liking every single book of his (May she is right, i was being naive and partial to the stories of boy meets girl). At the end of the day book doesn't do anything . didn't even stand to the promise of its synopsis . Riya never agreed to anything. Chetan just wrote a fantasy . Threw a national issue , brought Bill Gates in the Story. Put Stephan's college name to keep the Delhites happy and at the end everything goes to New York and they had their happy endings back in Bihar.
One and half star for Half Girlfriend.

Half Girlfriend
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Guest a month ago

Outstanding wow . such an amazing love story . riya and madhav .. the movie half girlfriend is also very nice based on it starring shradhha kapoor and arjun kapoor

Guest 5 years ago

outstanding...lovestory which i ever seen

Guest 5 years ago

Woooooooowowowowowowowowowowowo super duper wow man
I could not stop reading this book after college. Ended in one day. The second best romance till eternity. So damn damn damn good epic. Totally hungry for more.

Guest 5 years ago

Bought few years back but started just 2 days back and about to finish.

Guest 5 years ago

Nice .. Loved it

Guest 5 years ago

very lovely...love to know their love get each other.....my blessings to such lovely couples universally

Guest 5 years ago

wow . such an amazing love story . riya and madhav .. the movie half girlfriend is also very nice based on it starring shradhha kapoor and arjun kapoor

Guest 5 years ago

very nice and interesting .. just loved it ! 9

Guest 5 years ago

i just love this book .. i have learned a lot . thanks for uploading it...........

Guest 6 years ago

is there any money to be paid ?thaht to read this novel.

Guest 6 years ago

Fantastic love story, loved a lot. for one moment, i wanted to be the Madhav
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