Hamiltons Campaign With Moore And Wellington During the Peninsular War

Cover Hamiltons Campaign With Moore And Wellington During the Peninsular War
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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: 59 Two of these, one emerging from the wood, the other skirting its edge, threatened the right of the position; another directed its march on the centre ; and the fourth on the left. The two first of these columns advanced with rapidity, and by a bold attack at once carried the village of Elvina. Thus far successful, they endeavored to turn the right of the position. It was defended by Lord Wm. Bentinck's brigade, having the brigade of Guards in their rear. In order to prevent the success of this manoeuvre, Gen. Paget was ordered to advance with the reserve, and take post on the right of the line. Lord William Bentinck's brigade received the attack with firmness and the fourth regiment being thrown back en po- tence, met the enemy with a well directed fire. The order was at length given to charge ; and the


42d and 50th regiments advanced to regain the village of Elvina. The ground around the village was so intersected by walls and enclosures, as to 'prevent any general collision. A severe but irregular fight ensued, which ter- -minated in the French being driven back with great loss. The 50th regiment led by Major Napier, rushed into Elvina, and with great gallantry drove out the enemy with the bayonet, and pursued him for some distance beyond it. In the meanwhile, from some misapprehension the 42d had retired, and the enemy being reinforced tookadvantage of that circumstance to renew the conflict. Elvina became again the scene of struggle; the 42d after a brief but animating address from the General, returned to the attack, and the Guards being brought up to their support, the enemy gave way. It was at this period of the action that Sir John Moore received his death wound. He was engaged in watching the result of the contest about Elvina, when a cannon shot struck him on...

Hamiltons Campaign With Moore And Wellington During the Peninsular War
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