Honoré De Balzac

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Genres: Nonfiction

"Special ed. definitive, no. 30 of 300." v. 1-11. Scenes of Parisian life: v. 1-2. The splendors and miseries of courtesans [tr.] by E. Sedgwick -- v. 3-4. The poor relations, first episode; Cousin Bette [tr.] by G. B. Ives; Pierre Grassou [tr.] by W. Walton; The girl with the golden eyes; by E. P. Robins.-- v.5. The poor relations, second episode: Cousin Pons [tr.] by W. Walton. -- v.6. History of the thirteen [tr.] by W. Walton.-- v. 7. History of the grandeur and downfall of César Birotteau [tr.] by F. T. Furey. -- v. 8. The civil service, Gaudissart II [tr.] by Mary W. Artois. A prince of Bohemia [tr.] by Jane M. Sedgwick v. 9. The house of Nucingen. The secrets of la princesse de Cadignan, Sarrasine, Facino Cane, A man of business. The involuntary comedians [tr.] W. Walton.-- v. 10-11. The pretty bourgeois [tr.] by G. B. Ives v.12-22. Scenes of private life: v.1. The house of the cat and racket, The dance at Sceaux, The purse, The vendetta [tr.] by May Tomlinson. -- v.2. Memoirs


of two young wives [tr.] by W. Walton. -- v.3. Modeste Mignon [tr.] by Gertrude C. Fosdick. -- v.4. A start in life, Madame Firmiani, The message, The atheist's mass [tr.] by F. T. Furey. -- v.5. Albert Savarus, A daughter of Eve [tr.] by G. B. Ives.-- v.6. The marriage contract, La Grenadière, Gobseck [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.7. A woman of thirty, The deserted mistress [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.8. Old Goriot [tr.] by Jane M. Sedgwick. -- v.9. Honorine, Colonel Chabert, The interdiction [tr.] by W. Walton v.23-32. Scenes of provincial life: v.1. Ursule Mirouét [tr.] by May Tomlinson. -- v.2-3. The celibates [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.4. Eugénie Grandet [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.5. The lily of the valley [tr.] by May Tomlinson. -- v.6. The illustrations Gaudissart, The muse of the department [tr.] by W. Walton. -- v.7. The old maid, The cabinet of antiquities [tr.] by W. Walton. -- v.8-10. Lost illusions [tr.] by G. B. Ives v.33-37. Scenes of military and political life: v.1. The Chouans [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.2. A passion in the desert [tr.] by J. A. Burgan. An episode under the reign of terror, A dark affair [tr.] by P. P. Breen. -- v.3. Z. Marcus; The other side of contemporaneous hisotry, first episode: Madame de la Chanterie; second episode: The novice; [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.4-5. The deputy from Arcis [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.38-40. Scenes of country life: v.1. The country doctor [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.2. The village curé [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.3. The peasants [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.41-49. Philosophic and analytic studies: v.1. The magic skin [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.2. Jesus Christ in Flanders, Melmoth converted, The elixir of long life, Seraphita [tr.] by G. G. Ives. -- v.3. The unknown masterpiece, The Maranas, A seashore drama, The red inn, Master Cornelius [tr.] G. B. Ives. -- v.4. Gambara [tr.] by T. H. Walls. Massimilla Done, The accursed child [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.5. The quest of the absolute [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.6. Adieu. The conscript, The executioner, The exiles, Louis Lambert [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.7. Catherine de' Medici [tr.] by G. B. Ives. -- v.8-9. Physiology of marriage, Petty worries of conjugal life [tr.] by G. B. Ives v.50-51. Repertory of La comédie humaine: ... tr. into English by G. B. Ives. By Anatole Cerfberr and Jules Christophe, with and introduction by Paul Bourget v.52-53. Les contes drolatiques [tr.] by J. Murdoch

Honoré De Balzac
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