I Wanna Be Happy

Cover I Wanna Be Happy
Genres: Fiction » Literature
In this book, RVM touches upon highly elusive aspect of our lives: happiness. RVM explains the importance of happiness in a world that is caught up in the pursuit of wealth or fame. He believes we must want to be happy, only then we can be truly happy. The book presents six simple guaranteed steps to follow in order to reach happiness. It coins the term ‘happiness triggers’ that we can use to remain happy and cautions us of ‘joy stealers’ that can steal our joy if allowed to enter our lives. Whether you are someone pursuing happiness or one who is quite content, but wanting to be happier, or someone deeply sunk in sorrow and misery
I Wanna Be Happy
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Guest 5 years ago

Very Inspiring. Loved the way it is to the point and step by step. I am going to follow it. Thanks a lot.

AlexandriaG53 5 years ago

i love this book.But my brother did not like it i also couldn't beleieve that he took time to read it the book was nice omg i love it

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