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powerie says:
I'm not a great fan of religious poetry...well, I guess you'd say I'm not a fan of religious poetry at all. Yes, many of these poems are well written, in spite of the poet's over-reliance on the overflowing line. But when you have two pages of notes at the end of the text that includes a retelling of the annunciation story from the King James Bible, well you've pretty much lost me for 2/3 to 3/4 of your thematic content.
cathysinden says:
Szybist's use of language, imagery and allusion is evocative. I found many of these poems moving, a few annoying (mostly the ones trying to knit snippets of politicians' public record quotations together with literary material), and a few too grim (as a mom, I have a hard time with the pathos of children dying). Her repeated attention to artistic representations of the Annunciation, as well as clever imaginations of "annunciations," tie the collection together and give it heft beyond the momentary beauty of any one poem. It is not, however,
... a collection of "religious poetry."MoreLess
Incarnadine: Poems
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add lots of rhyme

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Yes this was a great great book

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