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This one was hard to describe and while I feel like it was more of a 3.75 rating overall- I gave it the benefit of the doubt for Goodreads and rounded up.

This book had a very odd quality to it. The writing was ethereal and mysterious with an a bit of the desolation you get from "World War Z" and the disturbing nature of "Flowers in the Attic." A strange dystopian tale of two sisters relying on surviving the end of the world together and growing up and together all at once. The writing has a very mesmerizing quality to it and you don't want to put it down.

I was definitely satisfied with the ending and the plot as a whole, but sometimes felt like Eva was a very manipulative character and then a sympathetic one. But I really did enjoy this one. It's a savory, sad, haunting sort of read.

TERRIBLE. I love to read books and then watch the movie (this one will be out July 22nd), but this may be one that I don't even bother seeing because the book was so idiotic. So t


here are two sisters and a father who live out in a house in the woods. Something happens in the world that causes electricity/phones to go out, although they go dead slowly so that the family kind of doesn't notice. Or gets used to it, or whatever. So when the electricity only comes on for half of the day, wouldn't it be a good idea to start prepping for the day when it doesn't at all? Like, setting up a garden/ building a strong fence/ stockpiling anything/everything? Maybe using Google when the power IS on to learn about how to hunt/trap/fish/gather berries? Even ONE YEAR after the electricity is out and they are all on their own (the nearest town has fallen into chaos and has no further supplies- also their father passed away due to a chainsaw accident), the two girls are both still doing their own "things"- one is practicing ballet to be able to get into a ballet company, and the other is reading encyclopedias to get into an Ivy League college. Uhm, hello! The country is in pandemonium! There IS no college, and there ARE NO ballet companies. Go outside and figure out how to make food or something else useful. Eventually the two sisters do learn to live off of the land, but they tip the see-saw way too far to that side by burning down their house to ONLY live in the forest! What a fantastic idea ladies! Who needs pre-made shelter with individual rooms? Go live in your tree and surely your habit for arguing with each other will go away. The whole book seems to be filled with the sisters making terrible decisions and it was just very annoying because neither of them have any real redeeming qualities. I also did not appreciate the single incestuous scene- that needs to be in the book because of what reason? I am appalled that someone read this and thought, "Oh! This would be a great movie!" Good luck with that... 0/5 stars, would not recommend for anyone.

Into the Forest
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