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Before It Ends with Us, it started with Atlas. Colleen Hoover tells fan favorite Atlas’s side of the story and shares what comes next in this long-anticipated sequel to the “glorious and touching” (USA TODAY) #1 New York Times bestseller It Ends with Us.

Lily and her ex-husband, Ryle, have just settled into a civil coparenting rhythm when she suddenly bumps into her first love, Atlas, again. After nearly two years separated, she is elated that for once, time is on their side, and she immediately says yes when Atlas asks her on a date.

But her excitement is quickly hampered by the knowledge that, though they are no longer married, Ryle is still very much a part of her life—and Atlas Corrigan is the one man he will hate being in his ex-wife and daughter’s life.

Switching between the perspectives of Lily and Atlas, It Starts with Us picks up right where the epilogue for the “gripping, pulse-pounding” (Sarah Pekkanen, author of Perfect Neighbors) bestselling phenomenon It Ends wit


h Us left off. Revealing more about Atlas’s past and following Lily as she embraces a second chance at true love while navigating a jealous ex-husband, it proves that “no one delivers an emotional read like Colleen Hoover” (Anna Todd, New York Times bestselling author).

It Starts With Us
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User Reviews:

Guest a month ago

IT was LOVELY... i really wish at that point I was Lily Or a person like Atlas was in my life....honestly I love the book i wished there was more of the story that Ryle moved on and Lily And Atlas Finally parent and something like that I really WISHED IT NEVER ENDED but right now I feel empty after this book ended.. I love it

Guest a month ago

I am so in love with this book, from it ends with us to it starts with us i was completely hooked and could not take my eyes off but the long letters were something i did not enjoy but overall this is an amazing book that i love!!!!!!!!!!

Guest 2 months ago

NO WHY DID IT HAVE TO ENDDDDDD I REALLY ENJOYED IT. WAS HOOKED FROM BEGINNING TO END...... I love this book and I wish there is an unabusive husband out there for me

Guest a year ago

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Guest a year ago

I'm not sure what to say about this book besides that I love atlas and that the parts that atlas was mentioned had me smiling, blushing, and kicking my feet while reading.
But I think maybe this second one was better than it ends with us? I honestly don't know and I probably should've reread it ends with us before this but I was too lazy to and too impatient so I wanted to just read it starts with us. I'm sad I finished the book because I really need more atlas in my life but the ending left me content and I was really satisfied with the Lily and Atlas ending.
ngl, I do like Colleen's writing style. It's not confusing and I like that because I really don't have the brain and energy to read those books with complex writing styles sometimes.

Guest a year ago

A ray of light, a hug of hope for people who have been through abusive relationships. A nice cozy read. There is nothing much to comment on the storyline. It has everything a sweet love story with a happy ending has. In Colleen's own words, "I wanted to deliver a much lighter experience than It Ends With Us. Lily and Atlas deserve it." She wrote this one as there were constant requests for more of Lily and Atlas. Penning this one down was never the idea but it happened. Josh (Atlas's younger brother) is the cutest part of this book. This one puts a full stop to the whole experience on a much happier and lighter note. We can relax now knowing that Lily and Atlas are finally one. :)

"But even monsters can't survive without a heart beating inside their chest. There's a heart in there somewhere. Maybe no one in her life has ever let her know they're appreciative that it still beats."

Guest a year ago

Sometimes you can have very high expectations for a book that when you read even if it's not bad, you simply don't like it.
It Ends with Us was like the greatest novel I've ever read, and I was so excited to read It Starts with Us so much that in my mind I felt it's going to be the same level. But unfortunately it wasn't.
I know it's not possible for a divorced couple with a child to like not interact at all, but Ryle's existence really made the book less interesting, he took a decent part of the book that could like be minimized.
Atlas and Lily's romance life was so cute can't say anything about it, I was constantly smiling while readibg their part, BUT the letters OMG I hated them, those written to Ellen and the longgggggg ones Alas wrote, I just felt they are an extra.
Over all it wasn't a very nice read I expected something else from this book.

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