Land of Wolves

Cover Land of Wolves
Genres: Fiction » Mystery

Walt is still suffering from the wounds he received in Mexico when he rescued Cady. Finding it hard to do his job both emotionally and physically he keeps refusing to rest like everyone keeps telling him to do.

When Walt is called out to look into a mssing shepherd on a large sheep ranch outside of Durant he spies the largest wolf he has ever seen watching him and he wonders if he is real. When he meets a woman who knew the missing shepherd and is keeping track of the wolves in the area, most of whom should be on Yellowstone land but they move about freely. She assures Walt that he is not seeing things and that the wolf with the collar number of 777M is as real as he is and must have been thrown out of his pack.

The body of the shepherd is found hanging from a tree and therein begins a story of secrets and revenge. We also hear the story of how much people fear wolves and want them dead.

Another interesting story from Craig Johnson that also seems to teach us about things we n


ever knew we wanted to know.

Land of Wolves
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