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foxyroxy says:
Bridget Jones is back, this time as a widowed mother of two young children. After getting her happily ever after with Mark Darcy, her world is shattered when he dies. Set four years after his death, Bridget is reluctantly ready to tackle the dating scene again. She does so with all of the grace I remember from the first two books, this time marked with the challenge of balancing her quest for love with the care of her adorable children.
Delle says:
Bridget and her quirks were endearing in the first book (and then slightly less so in the second book) but it just didn't translate to this book. There were a couple of laugh-out-loud moments but overall I actually started to feel anxious about how much of a flake she is. She's texting during a meeting? Who does that?? I wanted to reach through the pages and slap the phone out of her hand. I can't get down with a lead character who stresses me out so much.Other than that it was a quick enough read and I liked catching up with all
... of the other old favourite characters, but I just wasn't as invested this time around.MoreLess
Mad About the Boy
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Guest 3 years ago

its a book please make it more bookyier it would help a lot its not book enough its crazy just please fix this

Guest 4 years ago

IDK bro I havnt even read the first-page im just playing games in class LOL

Guest 6 years ago

Quite good book. A unique combination of funny moments and sad memories in the heroine's life. As a Bridget's long lasting fan I wish Mark wasn't dead, though... But I see the author's idea in this. She didn't want to copy stories of previous books.

Guest 5 years ago

Spoiler!!!! Didn’t know mark was dead. Thanks dude

abdo emam 6 years ago

interesting book

Guest 6 years ago


Guest 6 years ago

why should one be logged in to read a book?
then why do they keep a free online books?

Guest 6 years ago

please make it as a free book to open and read

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