Mad Honey

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Olivia McAfee knows what it feels like to start over. Her picture-perfect life—living in Boston, married to a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon, raising a beautiful son, Asher—was upended when her husband revealed a darker side. She never imagined she would end up back in her sleepy New Hampshire hometown, living in the house she grew up in, and taking over her father's beekeeping business.

Lily Campanello is familiar with do-overs, too. When she and her mom relocate to Adams, New Hampshire, for her final year of high school, they both hope it will be a fresh start.

And for just a short while, these new beginnings are exactly what Olivia and Lily need. Their paths cross when Asher falls for the new girl in school, and Lily can’t help but fall for him, too. With Ash, she feels happy for the first time. Yet at times, she wonders if she can she trust him completely . . .

Then one day, Olivia receives a phone call: Lily is dead, and Asher is being questioned by the police. Olivia i


s adamant that her son is innocent. But she would be lying if she didn’t acknowledge the flashes of his father’s temper in him, and as the case against him unfolds, she realizes he’s hidden more than he’s shared with her.

Mad Honey is a riveting novel of suspense, an unforgettable love story, and a moving and powerful exploration of the secrets we keep and the risks we take in order to become ourselves.

Mad Honey
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User Reviews:

Guest a year ago

I have always loved Jodi Picoult’s books but after her last two I don’t think I will continue reading them. This novel was interesting and I loved learning about the bees but I got turned off with the plot twist and all of the “woke” content and controversial topics brought up. I felt like I was getting lectured the entire second half of the book on how to be tolerant. I probably would not have read this book if I knew what it was really about beforehand.

Guest a year ago

The book was very gripping at first and I will say that the authors ability to get you invested was phenomenal. I was very engaged. After sometime though it felt more like they were trying to hit every hot topic of debate possible and it felt exhausting to me. It was too much for me personally and it became hard to enjoy.

Guest a year ago

This book is so difficult to review without getting spoilery. If you are interested in this book, I suggest not reading anything about it! At the core, the plot is about an 18 year old boy who is arrested for killing his girlfriend; but it really is a character-driven story about complicated relationships between parents and children, spouses, friends, and the relationship we have without selves.

There is a lot going on in this book: Dual narrators going back in time after the death of Lily, Asher’s girlfriend (Lily is one narrator, Asher’s mother Olivia is the other); crime investigation and court proceedings, domestic violence, bee keeping, and a major plot/character device that I can’t tell you! At times it seemed to dive too deep and too long into Lily and Olivia’s backstory.

That said, I was deeply invested in the characters, especially Lily and Asher, and the propulsive plot definitely had me interested. I think it’s worth a try if you’re on the fence like I was.

Guest a year ago

I was very excited to read a Jodi Picoult book and very curious about her writing with a co- author. I liked the book early on. The chapters were well written and they seemed to be able to state their information in a good fashion. At one point, somewhere in the middle, I figured out what had happened. At this point I became disappointed in the book and not because I figured it out. I feel the book could have been shorter in length. I was impressed the way the authors said they wrote their chapters. I'm trying not to spoil anything so I'm not elaborating.. I felt letdown.

Guest a year ago

I really enjoyed this book, it was a fast paced, unique and easy to read murder mystery. The character development was strong in the main 3 characters. However there was some areas that I felt could have been cut down (the bee/honey facts) and some areas that felt rushed (specifically the conclusion).

Guest a year ago

My first book of 2023 and first book for Book Club.
I loved the plot, the twists and how thought-provoking it was. Lots of food for thought. Lots of dealing with my personal biases and challenges to my moral compass. Why not 5 stars? Maybe this book could have done without adding almost every hot topic to the plot (LGTBQ, abuse, abortion, interracial marriage, spousal abuse, suicide, etc) some felt like it was being shoved in my throat.
I loved the information on bees and honey and how it tied so well to the story. I loved reading about the authors and how and why the chose to write the book. Loved the twists!

Guest a year ago

Very good book. Loved the perspectives of different characters, complex, flawed and loveable. Loved all the bee keeping/ honey facts. The ending felt a little abrupt and i didn't love it. But otherwise, very good page turner.

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