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Originally published in 1921, Herbert George Jenkins' Malcolm Sage, Detective, chronicles the first year of the Malcolm Sage Detective Bureau. A distinctly British private detective, Sage has his own full set of eccentricities. In some ways his opinions are spot on, including disparaging fingerprints as an investigative tool (they really were of very little value for finding an unknown criminal before computerized comparison became available). In others, his notions no doubt made sense in 1921, but sound more than a little silly today. A master of deductive reasoning, Sage provides a nice example of the British crime novelist's cliche belief that the official detectives, Scotland Yard and the local constables, are quite incapable of solving most crimes without the assistance of either a little old lady or a naturally more talented private sleuth.The book contains eight stories, with several consisting of more than one chapter, and contained within a framework provided by the first and


final chapters.Contents:I: Sir John Dene Receives His OrdersII: The Strange Case of Mr. ChallonerIII:Malcolm Sage's Mysterious MovementsIV: The Surrey Cattle-Maiming MysteryV: Inspector Wensdale is SurprisedVI: The Stolen Admiralty MemorandumVII:The Outrage at the GarageVIII: Gladys Norman Dines with Thompson5IX: The Holding Up of Lady Glanedale6X: A Lesson in DeductionXI: The McMurray MysteryXII: The Marmalade ClueXIII: The Gylston SlanderXIV: Malcolm Sage Plays PatienceXV: The Missing HeavyweightXVI: The Great Fight at the OlympiaXVII: Lady Dene Calls on Malcolm SageOur edition has been specifically formatted for the Amazon Kindle, and includes a linked table of contents set up to display on the right side of the screen for ease in selection with the original Kindle.

Malcolm Sage, Detective
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