Memories of Men And Horses

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MEMORIES OF MEN AND HORSES - CONTENTS - CHAPTER I PAGB YHAT SHALL I WRITE 17 Once more into the Breach - Labby and his Ancestry-Concerning a Duel with Labby -Mr Manfield and his Boots-The PaN Mall Gazette and the Duel-3fr Labouchere mystified till the last CHAPTER I1 The Sinnington Hounds and Jack Parker-Lord Feversham and Lord Helmsley-The Weighted Hound-Away from Seamer Wood-Alone with Jack Parker- Ne mair use than a lass i frocks -Wrath of Lord Feversham-Exciting Run-Lord Helmsley en avant - Stop him, somebody -Whoop CHAPTER 111 Old-time Suggestions of Bolshevism-St Stc hcns R eview and Phil May-Lord Salisbury to be burned in Trafalgar Square-The Duke of UTestminster destitute-Punished because they paid-Other Dukes in Trouble-The Popular Poll-Frank Slavin as Serjeant-at-Arms The Rutland Arms-Mathew Dawson and Morning Work-Derby and Oaks Candidates of 189 I - Thoughts and Fancies-Facts from the Past-Old and Young Tom Jennings-Mimi, Dorcas and Corstorphine-The Deemster and Gouverneur-


Captain hlachell-Concerning Touts-hIat hew Dawson and Phil 3lay First Impression of Childwick-His Sale as a Yearling- Pavo and Chattanoogn-Common at Kingsclere-His Leger Tictory-Ro1 ert Pecks Opinion-RIr Sir Rlunclell 3lapIes Greatest Triumph - Lord blarcus never got 3 bid CHAPTER V1 THE S TRANG S E T ORY O F ORME 73 Orme one of the Best-Superior to Fate-John Porter says he can stay-Was Ormz really poisoned -Probably not-An Angry Duke - The Duchess of Pimlicos Cat --141ar ims and Excursions-An invited Interview and its Results CHAPTER V11 MORE ABOUT THE POISONIN . G . 86 Dictation from Grosvenor House- The Special commissioner Lack of 3Iernory- He certainIy took no notes -Was the Duke too hasty -M7as the Horse poisoned -What about 1, ocfllcr and the Decayed Tooth -Shake Hands all round CHAPTER V111 OR I A E N D THE DUKE . m g1 An Allegory representing the True IIistory of the Alleged Ioisoning of Orme and full Details given-Facts and Fancies CHAPTER IX MORE ACOUT ORME . 98 The Genuine Orme-Historic Eclipse Victory-Orme, La Fl2chc and Watercress at Icingsclere before the St Lcger-Ormc obviously the Best-The Duke of Westminster, Colonel hIaude and Lord Malcus Beresf 3rd-LI Great Gallop-George Earretts Opinion and Performance-Ultimate Superiority of Orlne CHAPTER X MATHEW DAWSOX . . 107 hf ithew IILtwson nntl the Admira1 Ie Ladas-Lord Roscberys Double .--Troul le I cforc the Tu o Thousand Guilleas-An Evening with Matl1c. w I aws n-All Clear -1, acla. lit11 Gallican - Needs no I. ncourngement I y a Better IIorse-Ol 1 hIat is absolutely right --A I3rillinnt I rorsc 2nd his Leger Race thrown nmay CHAPTER XI . PAGE S nr D ARLING . . . . . . 116 W Horses in the Bloom of Condition-Galtee More and other Happy Memories-Strange Deeds at the Sale-General Arapoff and the Beautiful Lady3-Mr Gubbins does not want to sell after all-The Work of Vigors in that Connection-My Last Letters from Sam Darling-Extraordinary Purchase of Ard Patrick CHAPTER XI1 A Good Gambler-A Cheap Purchase-Sceptres Slight Trouble before the Derby-Ef er Rapid Improvement-Sceptre at Work-Sceptre and the Cinematograph-Her Alarm at the Sound and her Owners Anger-A Phonograph wan ted-Her Defeat in the Derby-That Gallop enables her to win the Oaks ...

Memories of Men And Horses
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