Miscellaneous Essays And Addresses

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Miscellaneous Essays And Addresses
Henry Sidgwick
Genres: Nonfiction

Prefatory note signed: Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick, Arthur Sidgwick Ecce homo (Westm. rev., July 1866)--The prophet of culture (Macm. mag., August 1867)--The poems and prose remains of Arthur Hugh Clough (Westm. rev., October 1869)--Shakespeare's methods, with special reference to Julius Cæsar and Coriolanus.--Shakespeare and the romantic drama, with special reference to Macbeth.--Bentham and Benthamism in politics and ethics (Fortn. rev., May 1877)--The scope and method of economic science. An address given as president of the Economic science and statistics section of the British association in 1885.--Economic socialism (Contemp. rev., November 1886)--Political prophecy and sociology (Nation. rev., December 1894)--The economic lessons of socialism (Econom. journ., September 1895)--The relation of ethics to sociology (Intern. journ. of ethics, October 1899)--The theory of classical education. (From Essays on a liberal education, ed. by F.W. Farrar)--Idle fellowships (Contemp. rev., April


1876)--A lecture against lecturing (New rev., May 1890)--The pursuit of culture as an ideal. A lecture.--Supplement: Alexis de Tocqueville (Macm. mag., November 1861)

Miscellaneous Essays And Addresses
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