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This is a book of mixed intertwined threads, some I found amazing reads, some really heavy going. And yet I persevered to the end, and the struggle was well worth it. It was several chapters in that I picked up the secret to this book, its chapter lengths.

Moby-Dick is built up of short chapters, a style that gives it a modern feel, and a style that carried me through the heavy chunks.

As a professional seafarer, my perspective is perhaps different from many readers. I am one of those lucky few who has wandered the Southern Oceans,and visited its deserted, rusting remains of disused whaling stations. As an insight into this lost industry Moby Dick is an amazing book. However, for insights into the interplay between man and the sea I still feel Conrad is the master of the craft.

I thought this book would have a story... but it was literally about whales. All about whales. The types, their bodies, their skin, what they eat, their anatomy, their blow holes...
Not enjoyable.


they spend the whole freaking book hunting this whale (500 pages) and you finally meet the whale in the last 100 pages and THE WHALE LIVES AND THEY ALL DIE. WHAT THE FUCK.
Very well written but never again...

Moby Dick
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cocoa 7 years ago

this is boring =( =(

Guest 6 years ago

where is the foreword???

Guest 6 years ago

Top notch!
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jamespakhomou 7 years ago

Pretty good! I'm on Chapter 3

jamespakhomou 7 years ago

I like this book so far.

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