Cover Neighbours
Genres: Nonfiction

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: BARBARA FELL Stephen, wake up! There's someone at the gate. Quick, to the window. . . . Oh, you'll be too late! I hear the front door opening quietly. Did you forget last night to turn the key? A foot is on the stairs ? nay, just outside The very room ? the door is opening wide. . . . Stephen, wake up! Wake up! Who's there? Who's there? I only feel a cold wind in my hair. . . . Have I been dreaming, Stephen ? Husband, wake And corn fort me: I think my heart will break. I never knew you sleep so sound and still. . . . O my heart's love, why is your hand so chill ? chapter{Section 4j KATHERINE WEIR 'Though I have been a none-too-happy wife, And now my children grow away from me, Bringing to old age fresh anxiety, I have been used; and to be used by life, Even ill-used and broken utterly With every faith betr


ayed and trust abused, Is a kinder lot than in security To crumble coldly to the grave, unused. chapter{Section 5ESTHER MILBURN Once realised, what else was left to do But part and go our separate ways anew ? I've not set eyes upon him since that night. Why did we marry ? Why did that paper light I held the match to? Yes, it's gone black out, Leaving the sticks unkindled, and no doubt The fire must be relaid before 't will burn. But when love fails there is no second turn. If once the paper doesn't fire the wood, Or the blazing wood, the coal, there's little good In striking matches to eternity: They only spurt and flicker mockingly, Scorching the fingers, to illuminate Charred litter in the cold bars of the grate. chapter{Section 6PHILIP AND PHOEBE WARE Who is that woman, Philip, standing there Before the mirror doing up her hair? You're dreaming, Phoebe, or the morning light Mixing and mingling with the dying night Makes sh...

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