Oberon And Puck Verses Grave And Gay

Cover Oberon And Puck Verses Grave And Gay
Genres: Fiction » Poetry

OBERON AND PUCK: VERSES GRAVE AND GAY BY HELEN GRAY -- CONTENTS . PAGE . 0s RADNG TFKE POEW OF E D TAOYJS POSIP I.-FXESDP . . . . XL-A ROSE . . . . . III.-M-IsT . . . . . m.4 A FLY-F - . . ku IVORY 31x1- . . . . . TOJIYGOLDFZSH . . . . . . AsrwCowFms. . . . . SPEIGS o HEATHER I.-TO COM YEASS K-WOSDEPOSLEE . . . . IIL-JIY Ams AN Ex-xmhrrvoss. ... . . . . . AHm-G-Buu . . . . . C- SOXGS I.-Woot GATEG . . II.-TxE 1r.r- A . IIL-ALuLLABY ..... PUCK. OBERON. OBERON. BERON, Elferon, 0 Pleasant Prince of Facry He should scarce be sung of me,- Me, his humblest follower - Wheresoeer a branch may stir Signing, This way hath he gone, Oberon, Elferon, Pleasant Prince of Faery He should scarce be sung of me Yet, because, of his high grace, I had glimpse once of his face,- hloment sweet to think upon - I his celebrant will be. Blood of Pan is in his veins, And oft he goes in great Pans guise But not of Pan is all his mood, Godlike-careless, dreamy-wise 11 Conscious he of mortal pains He hath shadows i


n his eyes Such as under hemlocks brood In his voice he hath a tone Like unto the dark pines moan Northland bore him, not the South Yet rare laughters hath his mouth, Birch-leaf laughters, rippling light. Clear the sense of every sign Is unto his perfect sight, Sight as May-day morning young Sounds unto his hearing fine Are as words of some known tongue. Cuckoo-flower by Avons brim, Muskrose rich, or eglantine, Saith nor more nor less to him Than arbutus softly saith With its blush and with its breath. Nightingale in Attic wood Is no deeper understood Than our bent-browed mocker gray, With his bright eye cool and clear, Sad and tender, wild and gay, Dashing skeptic cavalier I2

Oberon And Puck Verses Grave And Gay
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