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If you like the show The Bachelor then this is a must-read. I personally don’t care for the show but still really enjoyed this book about a plus-size fashion blogger who becomes the star of a reality show called “Main Squeeze” which is similar to The Bachelor. This is a great poolside read and easy to get lost in. I liked the body positivity and the perspective of what it’s like to be in plus size and the expectations society pushes on women. I also liked how the book had a mix of stories, episodes, podcasts, texts, emails, etc. I thought it made the format fun to read. A super cute rom-com with light steam and closed-door romance.


I burnt myself out on horror and thriller novels and I don't typically read things like this anymore. It was everything I needed! Its light-hearted fun brain-fluff.
I really loved the premise of the dating show (most dating shows are a guilty pleasure for me, but I have never watched an episode of the Bachelor/ette in its entirety). It made for


an awesome fun-factor. I also loved Allison, Marin, and the final three of men.
My setback here is honestly Bea. There were scenes where I just flat-out didn't like her, honestly. I didn't like how she would present as such a self-assured individual but be nasty and honestly almost aggressive when her insecurities would take over. I liked Bea at the end better than any other version of her.

One to Watch
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alicea09 a year ago

I really enjoyed this book. It was a good read that kept me wanting more. It is different from any book that I have read before and I enjoyed that!

Guest 3 years ago

One to Watch by Kate Stayman is a great summer read!

The story is true to the life of plus size women navigating the dating world. There are great twists and turns between characters, which I loved.

Guest 3 years ago

Super cute and lovely to read about a character that looks like me - plus size. I loved the use of scripts from podcasts, chats and emails to further the story. Some of Bea's feelings were very relatable. A gem of a story.

Guest 3 years ago

Really though, I could not stop reading. I am not a fan of the bachelor/bachelorette series so I would not have chosen to read this. Good thing someone who’s opinion I value recommended it. I loved everything about this. If you want to get lost in a fun book with underlying powerful themes, this is the one!!!

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